The Different Horse Racing Betting Options


The Different Horse Racing Betting Options


Ireland is a country with a well-established love for horse racing. Indeed, horse racing has endured as a popular sport throughout most of the world for millennia. Today, however, England and Ireland are the two countries that are most associated with the pastime.

Thanks to the emergence of online sports betting, horse racing has been elevated recently. It is much more popular now than ever to wager on horses, and for good reason. Online bookies make the entire practice a lot simpler, easier, and more accessible.

Not only that, but bookmakers online leave punters with a lot more options for wagering. That is precisely what we would like to focus on in this article. Let us take a look at the different Irish horse racing betting options available in the Emerald Isles.

Winner Bet

The most obvious one, and probably the one most are familiar with is “the winner” bet. You will often find it under the name “to win” as well. In simple terms, a winner bet is a wager on which horse will win the race.

We won’t delve too deeply into this one, as it is quite obvious. A punter wagers on a horse to win, and if the horse gets first place, the punter gets a payout. If the horse does not win the race, the punter has just lost their investment.

Place Bet

Similar to a winner bet, but a lot laxer is the placement bet, or simply place bet. Place bets are probably the most common types of bets, especially among newbie punters. As you can probably imagine, a place bet is a wager on whether a horse will place in the top two.

When making a place bet, a punter can be specific or general. A specific place bet has to get the exact placement right. For example, if you wager that a horse will place second, and the horse places first, you’ve lost your cash. A general place bet is simply wagering on whether the horse will place in the top two. No matter what position the horse gets at that point, the punter gets a payout.

  • Show Bet

A show bet is a subcategory of the place bet. Rather than wagering on whether a horse will be placed in the top two, you are betting that the horse will make it to the top three. The same rules apply here as they do for a place bet.

The –cta Bets

Possibly the bets that are most commonly associated with horse racing are the so-called “-cta” bets. They are so-called because they all end with the suffix –cta. The –cta bets are among the most popular betting options at the big-name horse racing events. Let us look at how they work.

  • Exacta: placing a wager on the top two horses, in the right order. If you get the horses right, but not the order, you’ve lost the exacta.

  • Trifecta: predicting the placement of the top three horses in a race. Just like with an exacta, if you get the names correct, but the order wrong, you’ve lost the bet.

  • Superfecta: The most challenging “-cta” bet is the Superfecta. You must get the order of the top four correctly. We recommend this one only to experienced punters.