How to buy a Thoroughbred racehorse?

 Owning a racehorse is an exhilarating, rewarding pursuit if you know how to play the game. But sometimes the Thoroughbred racehorse world can be  confusing.

In order to invest properly, you must decide if you have the knowledge to buy on your own or if you need some help. If you know very little about buying racehorses, a bloodstock agent can help in advising you and recommending the best horse to suit your budget. could help both you and your agent search for the ideal horse that will suit you.
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You can buy a racehorse in one of four ways: through a claiming race, at auction, leasing or through a private purchase on-line or off-line.
- Claiming races literally have the horses running for sale. The price of the horse is set before the race, based on their quality. Vets cannot inspect the horses beforehand. All the horses are more or less the same price and now horses can be claimed at the entry price only (rather than the highest eligible claim price being the successful claimant).
 - In auctions, horses are grouped by type: For example yearlings, horses in training or broodmares. Each horse is listed in an auction catalog with a family tree (pedigree), birth date and family racing history. Buyers are allowed to view the horses at auction before they are ready to go into the sales ring. They then bid on the horse they like in order to try buy it.
-  Leasing - Leasing can be an excellent introduction to racehorse ownership without the commitment of purchase. A lease agreement should be drawn up between the buyer and seller to state exactly what the terms are.
- Private purchase is the easiest way to buy a horse. Horses are sold directly from a stud, a breeder or trainer at a negotiated price, and they can be inspected by a vet beforehand.
After buying your thoroughbred you need to register it with Horse Racing Ireland to give the horse a name and pick the colours the jockey will wear everytime your horse runs.
Recoup your investment by finishing in the top five. A horse that performs consistently well will increase in value and can be worth millions as a breeding prospect depending on its pedigree.
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