Make your Horse advert more effective!

Make your Horse advert more effective!
Finding it hard to sell your horse? Looking for more owners? Hate wasting time travelling to the sales? That is why you choose Here are a few tips to make your Horse advert more effective and increase your chances of getting a sale.

1.      Fill the title of your ad properly

When you complete your Horse ad, you first complete the Title which is the first thing that Buyers will see.
How to do it: In the box “title”, you should write the name of the horse first, then the Horse type and/or gender and mention the sire or the dam.
Tip +: If the horse is un-named then mention the breeding of the horse.
2.      Attach a vet cert

Add a vet cert to show that your horse is sound and good health. This reduces the risk for the buyer and will give them more encouragement to give you a call.
How to do it: Go in the section “vet cert” of the Horse advert, then click “browse” to find the vet cert of your horse on your computer and upload it to the advert.
3.      Add some photos
Do not hesitate to provide photos of your horse, to show the buyer what the horse is like. The buyer will need to see a good picture or otherwise will have to come view the horse as they will not buy without seeing them.
How to do it: Go in the section “Media: pictures”, then click “browse” to find some photos of your horse that you saved on your computer and upload them.
Tip+: You can use your phone to take pictures and send them to us by email with your phone. If you need help doing this just give us a call.
The more photos you add, the more views your ad will get and the more likely you are to find a buyer.
4.      Your horse in action
Why not upload a video of your horse in training walking or even one of his race video.
How to do it: Go in the section “video”, then copy the link from youtube or email us the video you saved on your computer.
If you have any problems with any of the above you can contact us for support with creating your advert. You can also just download the “Complete” horse ad form and complete it with all the details and email it to us with one or two photos and we cancreate the advert for you.
 Email us: or call us on +353(0)21-4205980