Own a Racehorse

 Own a Racehorse
There are a number of decisions that you will need to make before becoming a racehorse owner. You will have to decide on the type of ownership in which you wish to engage.

You can decide to purchase on your own initiative or to seek the advice of a professional within the industry.
It is highly recommended that you seek the advice of an expert – be it a bloodstock agent or a trainer.
Fortunately there are many industry experts in Ireland, and it is suggested that you seek as many opinions as you can.
The next decision you will make is on the type of horse you intend to purchase or lease.Will it be a Flat horse or a National Hunt Horse? Will it be a Filly or a Colt? Will it be a Foal, Yearling or Horse-in-Training? There are common and different reasons for purchasing each type of horse. Which type you choose will be dependent on your own individual desires or that of the group in which you are involved.
1 Individual
Individual ownership is where the horse is owned and run by a single individual. This individual must be a registered owner with the Turf Club.
 2 Partnership
A partnership  can consist of between two and four people and all partners must become registered owners.              
A horse owned in a partnership runs in the name and colors of one of the partners, who must hold an equal or majority share, although the other partners’ names might be listed in the racecard. Please note that a partnership cannot be registered unless the horse is named.
 3 Syndicate 
Syndicates can consist of between 2 and 20 members. All members of the syndicate must sign the registration of syndicates form. The horse is leased to one member of the syndicate who must be a registered owner. He/she is known as the registered agent for a syndicate and is regarded as the sole owner for racing purposes. 
4 Company Ownership 
A company may own and run a horse in its name if approved for registration by the Turf Club. To seek this approval, application must be made to the Turf Club.
The company must appoint a registered agent. It is recommended that this person should be a company director or company secretary. He/she should sign the necessary registration forms on behalf of the company. 
5 Racing Club 
A racing club may own and race a horse in its name if approved by the Turf Club. Up to four trustees may register as owners and other background information on the club is required.

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